GSA Packaged Rooms

AmeriSys Makes Furniture Procurement Easy

The GSA Packaged Room Program is an easy, completely turnkey program to furnish your facilities. 

It’s an easy way to furnish, upgrade or remodel any office space. It is a complete bundle that includes everything you need to complete a room. 

All products and related services are available through a single source: AmeriSys. Fair and reasonable prices are pre-negotiated and you only interface with one project manager and receive one bill. It eliminates the cost and hassle of administering multiple orders from multiple vendors, simplifying the entire process.

Packaged rooms available via AmeriSys’ GSA Schedule include: 

  • Executive offices  
  • Reception areas  
  • Conference rooms  
  • Mailrooms  
  • Computer rooms  
  • Training rooms  
  • Classrooms

At AmeriSys we have everything you need to make your spaces come to life including:

  • Project management  
  • Design and layout assistance  
  • Staging/phasing delivery  
  • Warehousing  
  • Product receipt verification  
  • Furniture installation  
  • Clean up/trash disposal  
  • Refinishing/reupholstering  
  • Furniture inventory  
  • Design assistance  
  • Site preparation 
  • Telephone and network cabling
  • Quality Inspection

Government buyers can get all of these office furniture products and all of our services on GSA schedule through our Packaged Room GSA Schedule Contract FSC Group 71 Furniture Packaged Office and Related items 33721P and OLM.

How can we help? Contact AmeriSys at (703) 818-7000 or